The Beginning

The Suit Truck is a women’s swimwear boutique run out of a 1958 Chevy Apache—a vehicle for exploring the world, as well as engaging with and being inspired by the people and places discovered along the way.


-The suits are chosen to accommodate a variety of ladies on a road trip ... and their deluge of [mis]adventures.
It all started in the summer of 2016, which brought a number of disparate water escapades—down-to-earth picnics at the creek, a glamorous beach trip with friends, water sporting on Center Hill Lake, laps at the club, barefoot sprinkler shenanigans in the orchard, a shark week pool party, and hiking to explore middle Tennessee's jackpot of beautiful waterfalls.
I needed suits. So, I scoured the internet and all of Nashville for inspiring local swimwear retailers. My efforts were fruitless and I decided fashionable middle Tennessee ladies needed a swimwear source with forward options for a variety of occasions. That same day, Damon showed me his new project—the Apache (the vintage wanderlust vehicle of my dreams). Instantly, I claimed it for the store, he laughed, and we started a new adventure together… there’s always a boy, right?
-If I'm not on the road, you can find me in the sunshine on our farm in Silver Point, TN.

-The Suit Truck is a one woman operation created and owned by a girl--artist, friend, wife, mama, gardener, explorer--Shayna Snider.

The Suit Truck was dreamt up after work in the midst of back porch coffee and children’s laughter as they crawled between me and the laptop. It was an about face toward living life to the fullest and having reverence for time after a great loss. It was a calling to tap into my art degrees and what I picked up from the school of life to create something for the sake of fun that was different and fresh.

-It was a response to my reflections on the grind while sitting in Nashville traffic during one particularly amazing sunset.